How much is your time worth?

The value of my time (and yours)

Time is something which is very valuable.  In fact, since we all have only a finite amount of time, it is probably the most valuable thing that we "own".  I mean, if you want to talk about money or other "things" we can always get more of those things.  Our time, though, is fixed, it will run out at some point, and we don't even know when that will … [Read More...]

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99 Ways to Earn a Living on the Internet

99 Ways to Make a Living

My new book is here!  99 Ways to Make a Living on the Internet!  And, actually, you'll find that it features a few extra ideas too, more than 99 different ways that you can make a … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to Make a Living!

49 Ways to Make a Living

49 Ways to Make a Living, showing ways to make a living the real world, through the Internet, and hybrid ways that take advantage of real world combined with Internet. Although … [Read More...]

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A neighborhood gold mine?

How would you like to have a gold mine right in your neighborhood?  Well, according to David Conner you do have one right in the neighborhood!  Amazing, huh? I have known David (Dave) for several years now, through Facebook.  I have always had an interest in following … [Read More...]

Persistence - It always pays!

Out of stock

Sometimes, if we have a question or concern and ask others what we should do, no matter how good the answer is that we get, we simply don't hear it, or don't act on it. On a very regular basis, I get questions from people who are blogging asking me why they can't seem to … [Read More...]

Be Prolific

Are you prolific?

In my continuing series of articles about three habits of highly successful people, today I am going to look at the habit of being prolific. So far in this series of articles I have already talked about the first two habits of highly successful people: Batch … [Read More...]

Yep, I am an Early Riser. Are you?

Are you an early riser?

Through most of the years of my life, I have not been an early riser.  In fact, I have been a late riser.  You know the old classic stereotype of the techie guy - eating pizza at 3am and doesn't even go to bed until the time when most people get up?  Yep, that was me.  I … [Read More...]


Are you doing the batch?

A few months ago, I started listening to a podcast that I am really enjoying.  The host of the podcast is Kim Roach.  Her Podcast is called the "10 Minute Marketing Show".  I really find her show to be entertaining and also very informative.  Some of the things that she has … [Read More...]

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