Full Stream Ahead

Full “stream” ahead!

I set out this morning to write a single article about how my book writing and selling business has developed into a strong and very reliable source of income for me. As I started writing and continued to do so, the words just flowed nicely, thoughts came into my head, and I started realizing that this article was going to be really long.  I mean, … [Read More...]

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99 Ways to Earn a Living on the Internet

99 Ways to Make a Living

My new book is here!  99 Ways to Make a Living on the Internet!  And, actually, you'll find that it features a few extra ideas too, more than 99 different ways that you can make a … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to Make a Living!

49 Ways to Make a Living

49 Ways to Make a Living, showing ways to make a living the real world, through the Internet, and hybrid ways that take advantage of real world combined with Internet. Although … [Read More...]

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Thumbs UP & Down!

Good and Bad?

I had an interesting day yesterday.  I'll tell you more about it shortly, but first I'd like to lay out some background information. For about 3 or more years now, I have been working on "building my list".  If you don't know what list I am talking about, well, most … [Read More...]

Time Management

Time Management for your business

As a businessman, online or any other type of businessman,  you need to have good control over your time. You need to manage your time well, so that you can be productive and get the things done that need to be done. I recently got a phone call voicemail from my … [Read More...]



Well, it looks like I have a nice recovery underway! I am talking about my AdSense earnings.  I have reported over the past year or so that my AdSense earnings have really been seriously on the decline.  Under AdSense terms of service I can't really give numbers, but I … [Read More...]

Writing Books

Producing Product

OK, so if you have been keeping up with this website, you know that I have been laying our my "business resolutions" for 2014 for the past week or two.  Today, I will wrap that up by letting you know about my final business goal for this year. Let's recap, so far I have … [Read More...]

WordPress for eCommerce?

Making a move!

Over the past week or so, I have been telling you about plans that I have and my goals of what to achieve with my various businesses in 2014.  Last week, I revealed these Business Resolutions for 2014: Moving much of my computing to the cloud Getting more active in … [Read More...]

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