Well, it looks like I have a nice recovery underway! I am talking about my AdSense earnings.  I have reported over the past year or so that my AdSense earnings have really been seriously on the decline.  Under AdSense terms of service I can't really give numbers, but I will say that over the past year my AdSense earnings have decreased by about … [Read More...]

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99 Ways to Earn a Living on the Internet

99 Ways to Make a Living

My new book is here!  99 Ways to Make a Living on the Internet!  And, actually, you'll find that it features a few extra ideas too, more than 99 different ways that you can make a … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to Make a Living!

49 Ways to Make a Living

49 Ways to Make a Living, showing ways to make a living the real world, through the Internet, and hybrid ways that take advantage of real world combined with Internet. Although … [Read More...]

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Writing Books

Producing Product

OK, so if you have been keeping up with this website, you know that I have been laying our my "business resolutions" for 2014 for the past week or two.  Today, I will wrap that up by letting you know about my final business goal for this year. Let's recap, so far I have … [Read More...]

WordPress for eCommerce?

Making a move!

Over the past week or so, I have been telling you about plans that I have and my goals of what to achieve with my various businesses in 2014.  Last week, I revealed these Business Resolutions for 2014: Moving much of my computing to the cloud Getting more active in … [Read More...]


Being Responsive

OK, guys, I am on a role with my posts about my 2014 Business Resolutions!  So far this week, I have told you about two of my Business Resolutions for this year: Moving much of my computing to the Cloud Increasing my publication of e-mail newsletters Today, it's … [Read More...]

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch

Yesterday, I started laying out my 2014 Business Resolutions.  My first resolution was Moving to the Cloud for much of my computing.  Today's Resolution is a bit different from that.  Let me tell you more. All the news that is fit to print! For several years, I have … [Read More...]

The Cloud

Cloudy day ahead!

Since it is a New Year, it's time once again for me to set up my Business Resolutions for the year.  I started doing this last year, and it was very successful, so it is a habit that I certainly want to continue in the New Year. What is a Business Resolution?  Well, it is … [Read More...]

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