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Not long ago, back at the end of March, I wrote an article in which I talked about my recent Web Hosting Experience.  To make a long story short, I had been hosting with HostGator, and had some issues with their hosting, and thus I decided to return to my old hosting company, Servint.

To be honest, ServInt really offered me bulletproof hosting the entire time that I was with them.  My reasons for leaving were kind of stupid, in retrospect.  I left because:

  1. HostGator was cheaper
  2. I felt I didn’t have the technical skills necessary to manage a server at ServInt
Servint T-Shirt

Servint T-Shirt

Really, these reasons were not good reasons to leave a good hosting company.  But, I learned my lesson, and now I am back with ServInt.  It would take a lot to make me consider leaving again!

Yesterday, I got a surprise.  My son came to see me, and he had a package in hand.  I asked what it was, and he said it was a package that had been sent to me from the States.  I am an American, but I have lived in the Philippines for the past 12 years.  Hmm.. I thought, and could not think of anybody who would be sending me a package.  I had not ordered anything.  Nothing was expected for deliver, so I was really curious when I opened the package.

It was a nice t-shirt from ServInt!  They also included a card that read:

Robert –

We are thrilled to welcome you back into the ServInt family.  Thank you for your trust, loyalty, and kind words!


Lauren Frankiewicz
Customer Relationship Mgr.

Wow!  What a nice gesture.  I am shocked that they would go to the expense of shipping a t-shirt all the way to the Philippines!

Thank you so much, Lauren, and all of the ServInt team!  I have been very happy since my return to ServInt.  Yeah, it’s a few bucks more than I was spending, but the quality of service is well worth it!

Cheaper hosting is not necessarily any cheaper if you think about it.  I make money from my websites, and just an hour or so of downtime each month would make up the price difference in lost ad revenue, sales revenue and such.  Penny wise is almost always pound foolish!

I love the t-shirt, ServInt, and I sincerely thank you for that!

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  1. Dave says

    I will be deciding on a host soon and did look at servint but noticed they are fairly expensive. As you mentioned better not to have down time.
    My query is your #2 point about managing the server – what actually is involved with this? I am new enough to blogging as is and certainly know nothing about managing servers.

    • Robert Martin says

      Hi Dave – Yes, ServInt is more expensive than the “cheapie” hosts, but in my opinion, it’s money well spent. As far as server management… basically, you have full control over your server…. software upgrades, manage everything, etc. It’s not too good for a newbie, but if you have a bit of skill, you can do it. Also,the tech support people are very efficient, and helpful.

    • Robert Martin says

      Hi Chas – It would be hard for me to recommend HG, because I feel that they really screwed me over. But… for somebody with a relatively low traffic website, they probably would be OK.

      • Chasdv says

        I suspect HG have upset more than a few people, who i guess have migrated as HG are now offering a discount off their normal price.

      • Chasdv says

        I suspect HG have upset more than a few people, who i guess have migrated as HG are now offering a discount off their normal price.

  2. says

    Are you comparing similar servers with both hosts? To be fair, you can’t compare a VPS at ServInt with a shared account at HostGator, they’re in a different league and of course the VPS is more expensive.

    I also returned to ServInt, (hey Lauren, where’s my T-Shirt?), after migrating to a cloud environment for greater redundancy (which turned out to be the complete opposite) but am now happily back with ServInt who have been extremely helpful and patient in helping me get everything running smoothly. You don’t need any expertise to manage a server at ServInt, they are fully managed and their tech support will do everything for you, (and are very quick to respond to tickets I might add). If you want a totally hands off experience, are happy to leave it in the hands of the host and are willing to sacrifice performance and control then maybe a shared account with Hostgator or any other host would be okay, but if you need a fully managed, reliable VPS, then ServInt provide a good range of plans at competitive prices.

    Like you, I wish I’d stayed with them and saved the hassle of 2 migrations but now that I’m back everything is running smoothly and I have well and truly learnt my lesson.

    • Robert Martin says

      Hi Ben – I would say that I am not comparing the servers of the two companies. I am comparing the level of partnership that the ServInt staff shows with me compared to what I experienced dealing with HG. In short, I would say that my relationship with HG was almost that of competitors instead of partners!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Ben.

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